Shiny - VirtueMart 2 Template

Shiny Template

The long awaited Virtuemart 2 Template is finally here. VirtuePlanet releases the first Joomla Template for Virtuemart 2 - Shiny with a very advanced built in Virtuemart views. The release of this template gor delayed due to several reason but mainly due to several ongoing updated that Virtuemart 2 faced in recent times. 

Shiny is a very light weight, simple but professional Joomla Template which come with a very nicely design Virtuemart views. The Front Page page has been freshly designed from scratch where you can show Categories, Featured Products, Top Ten Products and Latest Products without installing any additional module to your site. The Virtuemart Category page also designed to fit it perfectly with main Joomla styles.

However the most advanced part come when you see the Product Details Page. We have intgreated Cloud Zoom gallery for product images in the template which bring a sophisticated touch to the design. The Cart Attributes are shown in a very professional style which helps you to market and present your product options very easily to the end customers. Product Descriptions, Related Products, Related Categories and all Customs Fields are show in accordian style drop down making then very easy to navigate. Shiny also make it possible for you to show the Manufacturer Image / Manufacturer Logo on the Products Details Page which out any hacking of core Virtuemart structure. Overall it brings you a very clean layout for your Virtuemart 2.0 site.

The template also come with built in srop down cart module with simple html overriding method. You can select the format of the design as xhtml or html5 from template settings area. It also allows you to show sale tags for discounted products and show discount is percentage.

All the java scripts and css of the template are combined, minified and compressed to make it load faster. Shiny uses external Google fonts source to sace bandwith of your server.

Features of Shiny at a Glance:

  • See live demo.
  • Joomla 2.5 Template for Virtuemart 2.6 and Virtuemart 2.0
  • CSS3 Light weight design
  • Cloud Zoon Product Image Gallery in Product Details Page
  • Professional looking cart attributes
  • Ability to show Manufacturer Image or logo on product details page
  • 'ontop' custom feild location on product details page to show additonal informations.
  • Accordion style content display
  • Drop down cart module 
  • xhtml or html5 format selection
  • Sale tag for Discounted products
  • Show Discount in percentage (%)
  • JS & CSS files are combined, minified and compressed to make it load faster, helpin in SEO.
  • SEO Optimzed design
  • Five different Module styles
  • 16 Module locations
  • Quick Start Package available with pre-configured contents. Get the exact look of the demo site within 5 mins.