VM OG Meta Tag - Free Joomla Plugin

VM OG Meta Tag

VM OG Meta Tag Plugin enables you to integrate your Joomla and VirtueMart website into the Open Graph Protocol. The Open Graph Protocol enables you to integrate your Web pages into the social graph. By adding Open Graph tags to the of your website, you can classify and describe the content you attach Like buttons to. This allows Facebook to present the right image, category, and other information about your site when Likes of your content appear in news feed stories and user profiles.

The type of tags you choose also define the functionality of your Like buttons. Including Open Graph tags on your Web page, makes your page equivalent to a Facebook Page. This means when a user clicks a Like button on your page, a connection is made between your page and the user. Your page will appear in the "Likes and Interests" section of the user's profile, and you have the ability to publish updates to the user. Your page will show up in the same places that Facebook pages show up around the site (e.g. search), and you can target ads to people who like your content. The structured data you provide via the Open Graph Protocol defines how your page will be represented on Facebook.

The og:type tag determines whether the Like will appear in the interests section of the profiles of users who click the button and where within that section. It also determines whether you can publish future updates to users who click the button.

Most of the VirtueMart websites are using Facebbok Like button widget in their websites. But when a person click on the like button you need to pass correct structured data to Facebook so that your product information with image gets displayed to the user's timeline. So it is just not about liking your page but let people know what exactly they like. It brings greater business possibility to your online store and help retain customers. And the only way to pass correct information to Facebook is through OGP tags. That's exactly what this plugin does within a minute.

It not only takes care of the VirtueMart pages but also picks correct images for your standard Joomla Articles on the go.

Installing and configuring the plugin can never be easier. Just install and publish it from your Plugin Manager. You can also pick specific site type, global image etc from the settings area.

Features of VM OG Meta Tag at a Glance:

  • Customize what you want to show to and show on Facebook
  • Embed Open Graph metadata into your VirtueMart web pages
  • Embed Open Graph metadata into your Joomla web pages
  • Improve performance of your Facebook like plugin
  • Categorize your site in the correct section (eg. website, blog, product, food, sport, news)
  • Includes metadata to mark up your location and contact details
  • Picks correct image from VirtueMart Category Page or Product Details Page
  • Picks correct image from Joomla Articles
  • Add custom global image for general section of your site
  • Correct information can be passed such as Title, Description, Image, Geo Tagging information, Author etc
  • We have installed this plugin on VP ProMart Template demo site. Check the source code of the site to see the OGP Meta Tags on any page. Click on the Like button on product details page and you will find the product details with correct product image in your Facebook timeline
  • It's a FREE product can be downloaded and used by everyone without any limitation
  • Support is available only for Club Members through Forum
  • To know more about Open Graph visit Facebook Open Graph Protocol Developers page or Open Graph Official website