VP MegaMart - VirtueMart Template

VP MegaMart Joomla Template

VirtuePlanet releases the first Joomla Template for VirtueMart 2 in year 2013 for VirtuePlanet Members. It takes us two and half months to fulfill many of the features which has been awaited in many VirtueMart users wishlist. Th template is designed based on latest Fixed width Twitter Bootstrap. We have also started buliding our own Joomla template framework since January and this is the first template which is built on our in-house "JNET Framework". We are confident to bring a huge change to Joomla - VirtueMart world with this new framework.

VP MegaMart is designed using modern techniques like HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. It uses schema.org meta tags to improve the search engine performance of your shopping cart.

It comes with many new features which we have listed below this article. The template introduces a built Hybrid Mega Menu system which not only allows you to show your VirtueMart categories within the main menu but you can also add any module within the menu. It also has a very unique Add to Cart features in Product Listing pages and for VM Product Module. Now the user can also see the product variants (Cart Attributes) from any part of your site before adding the product to their cart. It's something similar to the Quick View feature but much faster and efficient. It will surely increase the productivity of your site and help to generate more business. VP MegaMart also take the Custom Field feature of VirtueMart to a new level. The normal custom fields are shown under tabular contents. If you publish the Custom Field under layout position 'sidebar' then it be shown in a modal window and link of that field can be seen in the top sidebar location.

It allows you to create your own custom field layout position for the Cart Attributes. As a result now you can assign a Custom Field to a Cart Attribute which will allow you to describe the Cart Attribute option in much for detailed manner. For Example - If your cart attribute is Size of the product then you can show the Size Chart through another Custom Field in a Modal window which can be opened by clicking the link right below the respective Cart Attribute. Please visit the Product Details page in our live demo site for more details.

It also has a very flexible product image display option for the Product Details Page. Images get be zoomed just by mouse over and they can also be opened in a modal gallery for better & bigger views.

The template comes with Eight different color styles (Default Color, Pink Color, Blue Color, Green Color, Red Color, Purple Color, Purple pizzazz and Teal Color) which makes it suitable to be used for any shopping cart.

Overall it is a very elegant, clean and light weight template which will surely take VirtueMart experience to a newer level.

Features of VP MegaMart at a Glance:

  • Comes with 8 color variants.
  • Comes with 2 body width variants 980px and 1200px
  • 30 unique module positions and 13 of them can show up to 6 modules side by side when published in the same position.
  • Built in multi-column Hybrid Mega Menu system which not only loads VirtueMart Categories to your main menu automatically but also can show modules within itself.
  • Stylish and elegant VP FlexSlider Module.
  • Unique Add to Cart feature in Product Listing pages which also allows the user to see the product variant.
  • Advanced Cart Attributes (Custom Fields) feature. Extend Cart Attribute description through your own Custom Layout Position.
  • Cloud Zoom Product Image Gallery + PrettyPhoto Modal Image Gallery.
  • Professional looking cart attributes
  • Sidebar custom field location on product details page to show additional product information.
  • Show price in related products.
  • Tabular Content Display for Contact page and VirtueMart Product Details Page.
  • VirtueMart Category Drop-down Menu.
  • Joomla Accordion Menu.
  • Drop down cart module.
  • Ability to show custom banner or content or any other module within Mini Cart.
  • Ability to show custom banner or content or any other module in Cart Page.
  • Unique Language selector and Currency selector drop-down module
  • Show Discount in percentage
  • Javascript and CSS files optimization through combining, minifying, gzip, server side cache and browser cache to make your site load faster, helping in SEO.
  • Fully SEO Optimized design with the use of proper tag and schema.org meta tags.
  • 4 different Module style variants (Module Class Suffix).
  • Add your custom css file in to the system right from template configuration area. Never lose your css customization again with future template update.
  • Add custom codes to the head or body section of the template from Template Configuration area. Helps you to add tracking codes like Google Analytics or custom meta tags to your site without changing any file or without any custom plugin. This also remain safe from future template updates.
  • Joomla 2.5 Template for Virtuemart 2.6 and Virtuemart 2.0.16+
  • Twitter Bootstrap Fixed Width Framework
  • HTM5 and CSS3 standard design.
  • Uses jQuery library based plugins and custom scripts.
  • Quick Start Package available with pre-configured contents. Get the exact clone of the demo site within 5 mins.
  • Detailed User Guide available in PDF format in the Download Section. Online user guide is also available in the demo site (under Explore menu).