VP Smart - Responsive VirtueMart Template

VP Smart - Responsive Joomla Template

We are proud to release VP Smart, a fully responsive Joomla! 3 Template for VirtueMart 3 eCommerce component. VP Smart comes with many great features like - Custom Price Filter, Custom Field Filters, Manufacturer Filter, Ajax Product Search Module, Wishlist system, Product Comparison system, Mega Menu, Off-canvas Menu, Slideshow modules, Product Image Gallery, Related Products Slider, Manufacturer Carousel, Rich Snippets etc.

The template is built on VirtuePlanet Framework and designed based on Bootstrap 3 framework. VirtuePlanet Framework gives you a beautiful user friendly template admin which helps you manage and configure the template just the way you want. It comes with its own LESS compiler and within template layout override system. This makes customisation extremely easy for everyone. It allows you to customise the colors of the template for each elements right from the template settings. In other words it comes with Unlimited Color Styles. Play with it and bring in your creatively to setup a complete unique design for your own shop.

Like all our other templates, VP Smart is designed using latest design tools like HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. It also uses Schema.org Rich Snippets to improve the search engine performance of your shopping cart.

Now you can add as many product filters you want with the help of VP Custom Filter module which comes free of cost with the template. Select the Custom Fields which you want to use as products filters and then configure them as per the need of your shop. Price filter and manufacturer filter give another edge to shopping site. Build any kind of complex filters within minutes.

Ajax product search module displays product suggestions as you start typing your search query. Beautifully crafted suggestion list helps customers to find their products quickly which improves sales conversions.

It also comes with built-in Wishlist System and Product Comparison System. They both work over Ajax allowing customers to add products to their wishlist and comparison list on fly. They also come with their own Ajax modules. Quick View is just another important feature which is a must for all modern shopping carts.

The templates takes standard VirtueMart Custom Fields to another level by allowing display of standard String Type Attributes and Multi-variants as selectable buttons. Additionally you can also give desired colors to these buttons with respect to the field values. See this Live Demo to learn more. You can manage them right from the template settings.

VP Smart automatically creates a Tab for all normal custom fields in the product details page. It has three custom field locations in the product page - top-right, ontop and onbot. You can show the manufacturer image in the product details page if you need. Related products are displayed with a carousel slider automatically as you add them to your products.

It also has a very flexible product image display option for the Product Details Page. Images get be zoomed just by mouse over and they can also be opened in a modal gallery for better & bigger views. Related products in the product page is shown using a stylish slider.

The template uses famous Font Awesome v4 Iconic Fonts. You can make use of these icons by adding them to your menu items, in your modules or anywhere you want. Using Icons in your site were never easier before. Read - Using Icons and List with Icons.

It comes with 24 module positions. Horizontal positions show up to 6 modules side by side when modules are published in the same position. Vertical positions place them one below another. You can customise the height, margin, padding, color, background and border of each of these module positions from the template settings. See all available Module Positons. It also comes with different types of built in module class suffixes. You can add custom icons and custom Badge to the modules. See all available module display styles here.

Features of VP Smart at a Glance:

  • Fully responsive Bootstrap 3 framework.
  • Unlimited color styles. Customise the template right from template settings.
  • Custom Filter Module with Custom Field Filters, Manufacturer Filter and Price Filter.
  • Wishlist System.
  • Product Comparison System.
  • Quick View option for products.
  • Ajax Product Search Module.
  • Mega Menu which loads all VirtueMart categories automatically to your main menu. It also allows you to show modules with your main menu.
  • Off-canvas Menu for smaller devices (mobiles and tablets).
  • 24 unique module positions.
  • Stylish and elegant VP Responsive Slider Module.
  • Cloud Zoom Product Image Gallery + Modal Image Gallery.
  • Professional looking cart attributes
  • Sidebar custom field location on product details page to show additional product information.
  • Show price in related products.
  • Tabular Content Display for Contact page and VirtueMart Product Details Page.
  • VirtueMart Category Drop-down Menu.
  • Joomla Accordion Menu.
  • Drop down cart module.
  • Mobile friendly ajax add to cart, ajax add to compare and ajax add to wishlist system.
  • Ability to show custom banner or content or any other module within Mini Cart.
  • Stylish Language selector and Currency selector drop-down modules.
  • Ability to show custom banner or content or any other module in Cart Page.
  • Unique Language selector and Currency selector drop-down module
  • Javascript and CSS files optimization through combining, minifying, gzip, server side cache and browser cache to make your site load faster, helping in SEO.
  • Fully SEO Optimized design with the use of proper tag and schema.org meta tags.
  • Different Module style variants (Module Class Suffix).
  • Joomla! 3 Template for VirtueMart 3.x
  • HTM5 and CSS3 standard design.
  • Uses jQuery library based plugins and custom scripts.
  • Quick Start Package available with pre-configured contents. Get the exact clone of the demo site within 5 mins.
  • Detailed documentation available.

List of Free Modules comes with VP Smart:

  • VP Ajax Product Search Module
  • VP Compare Module
  • VP Custom Filter Module
  • VP Mini Cart Module
  • VP Wishlist Module
  • VP Manufacturer Carousel Module
  • VP Product Carousel Module
  • VP Product List Module
  • VP Responsive Slider Module