Privacy Policy for VirtueMart User Guide

Privacy Policy for VirtueMart is a GDPR compliant user field plugin for VirtueMart 3. It allows the site administrators to display their Privacy Policy with an acceptance checkbox during user registration, order confirmation or checkout and in user's account maintenance page.


You can download the latest installation package from our site's download page for Privacy Policy for VirtueMart. If you have an older version of Joomla! or VirtueMart or PHP please check the system requirement section to find the version of Privacy Policy for VirtueMart compatible with your Joomla!, VirtueMart and PHP versions.

You can install the installation package of the plugin directly through Joomla Extension Installer. It can also be used to upgrade/update the plugin; just install it without uninstalling the previous release.


You can uninstall the plugin just like any other Joomla! extensions. In your site's back-end, just go to Extensions Manager, navigate to Uninstall menu, select Privacy Policy for VirtueMart and click on Uninstall. This will completely remove plugin including all database information.


Shopper Field Configuration

GDPR Privacy Policy for VirtueMart

Go to ComponentsVirtueMart and navigate to Shopper Fields section. Click on New button located at the top left corner. When the page opens, select Field Type as Privacy Policy for VirtueMart. Provide a Field Name and Field Title. Now save or apply the settings to edit Extra Plugin Parameters.

Link Text / Label

Enter your desired text to be displayed as link text or label.

Policy Article

Select your policy article by clicking on select button. In case of multilingual sites, you can add multilingual association in the selected article.

Show One Time in Cart

If yes, the field is displayed only one time in cart page.

Set Show in account maintenance option as Yes. If you want to display the field just before order confirmation button during checkout then also set Show in cart form option as Yes. Save the field.

Plugin Configuraton

Privacy Policy for VirtueMart

Go to ExtensionsPlugins and open the plugin called Privacy Policy for VirtueMart.

Default Policy Article (Depreciated)

Select your default policy article by clicking on select button. You can override the selected article in the respective field settings.