VP Payment by Shipment User Guide

Disable or enable VirtueMart payment methods by selected shipment method. You can create multiple rules for multiple shipping methods and for multiple payment methods. VP Payment by Shipment is System Plugin designed for VirtueMart 4 and VirtueMart 3 compatible with Joomla 3, Joomla 4 and Joomla 5.


You can download the latest installation packages from our site's download page for VP Payment by Shipment. If you have an older version of Joomla! or VirtueMart or PHP please check the compatibility section to find the version of VP Payment by Shipment compatible with your Joomla!, VirtueMart and PHP versions.

It is a Joomla! System Plugin and can be installed directly through Joomla! Extension Installer. It can also be used to upgrade VP Payment by Shipment; just install it without uninstalling the previous release.


You can uninstall the component just like any other Joomla! component. In your site's back-end, just go to Extensions Manager, click on Uninstall, select System - VP Payment by Shipment and click on Uninstall. This will completely remove VP Payment by Shipment including database information.


VP Payment by Shipment for VirtueMart

Download Key

Download Key helps you to receive live updates through Joomla Updates. You need to first enable/publish the plugin to add your Download Key. Click on the Add button and then provide your VirtuePlanet Username and Download Key in popup message box. This will automatically validate the information and add the key to the field. Do not forget to save the plugin settings after adding your download key.


To create a new rule click on Add New Rule button. To remove any existing rule click on the Remove button displayed against each rules.

Shipment Method

Select the shipment method from the drop down list against which you want to manage your payment methods.

Payment Methods

Select the payment methods from the drop down list against which you want to disable or enable on selection of of the above shipment method. You can select multiple payment methods if you need.


Select your desired action i.e. whether you want to hide (disable) or show (enable) the selected payment methods when the above shipment method is selected.

While creating multiple rules, please ensure they do not conflict to each others. In case of conflicts, the rule with Action set as Hide gets higher priority.