VP Prime Product Carousel User Guide

The following documentation explains the configuration options of the VP Prime Product Carousel module for VirtueMart.


VP Prime Product Carousel Module

Select the type of products that you want to display. The options are "Featured Products", "Discontinued Products", "Latest Products", "Random Products", "Best Sold Products", "Recently Viewed Products", and "Selected Products".


Customised selection of the products that you want to display. Start typing the name or SKU of the products to select them. This options is shown when you select to display "Selected Products".


Select the desired category for which the products to be displayed.

Maximum Products

Maximum products to be displayed.

Show Price

Select yes to show price.

Displayed Price Type

Select the displayed price type.

Show Categories

Select yes to show categories.

Show Rating

Select yes to show rating.

Show Short Description

Select yes to show short description.

Show Add to Cart

Select yes to show add to cart.

Visible Items - Phones

Number of visible items at a time in small devices. Like phones.

Visible Items - Tablets

Number of visible items at a time in smaller devices. Like tablets.

Visible Items - Laptops

Number of visible items at a time in medium devices. Like laptops.

Visible Items - Desktops

Number of visible items at a time in large devices. Like desktops.


Space between slides in pixels (px).


Speed of slide animation in micro seconds (ms).


Automatic changes of slides.

AutoPlay Timeout

Time between two autoplay slides change in micro seconds (ms).

Lazy Load

Select yes to lazy load images.

Show Controls

Select yes to show previous and next buttons.

Show Navigation

Select yes to show page navigation (dots).

Navigation Position

Select the navigation position.