VP Prime VirtueMart Category Guide

The following documentation explains the configuration options of the VP Prime VirtueMart Category module for VirtueMart.



VP Prime VirtueMart Category Module


Parent Category

Select the parent category. If top level category, all categories will be merged.

End Level

Level to stop rendering the menu at. If you choose 'All', all sub-categories will be shown.


VP Prime VirtueMart Category Module - Advanced
Menu Tag ID

An ID attribute to assign to the root ul tag of the menu (optional).

Menu Class

A suffix to be applied to the CSS class of the menu items.


Select the layout as "Dropdown" for dropdown style menu. Select the layout as "Default" for normal collapsible menu.

Module Class

A suffix applied to the CSS class of the module. This allows you to create customized CSS styles that will apply just to this module.


Whether or not to cache the content of this module. "Use Global" will use the settings from Global Configuration.

Cache Time

The number of minutes for which to cache the module locally. It can safely be left at the default.

Module Tag

The HTML tag for the module to be placed in. By default this is a div tag but other HTML5 elements can also be used.

Bootstrap Size

This allows you to choose the width of the module via the grid size element built into Bootstrap.

Header Tag

The HTML tag to use for the modules header or title.

Header Class

Add optional CSS classes to the modules header or title element.

Module Style

Override the templates style for its position.