VP Eden User Guide


VP Eden theme comes with two different installation package. You can either install it manually using a FTP client or through Joomla Extension Installer. You can find both the installation procedures below.

Manual Installation

You need a FTP client for manual installation. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Using an FTP client is a method to upload, download, and manage files on web servers. With an FTP Client (such as FileZilla, CuteFTP or SmartFTP) uploading/downloading a file is really easy.

Now unpack/unzip the manual installation theme package (eg. unpack_first_vp-eden-1.7.zip) package on your local computer. You should now see two directories like:

  1. /components
  2. /media

Now login to your web server using FTP credentials provided by your hosting service provider and browse to the root of your Joomla site folder. The directory structure in the theme directories are same as VirtueMart Component in your Joomla site.

Using this FTP connection upload the the two theme directories to the root of your Joomla site. i.e. /components to /path-to-site-root/components/ and /media to /path-to-site-root/media/.

Do not worry. This action will not overwrite your the existing files and folders in your site. It will simply upload the new files and folders of the new theme in relevant location.

Automatic Installation

Get the Joomla installer package of the theme (eg. j2.5-installer_vp_eden-1.7.zip) and install the same using Joomla Extension Installer. The package will automatically install theme in your site just like any other Joomla extensions.


To assign VP Eden as your VirtueMart theme go to VirtueMart Configuration. Then go to the Templates tab. Now you can select the installed theme i.e. vp-eden for the relevant pages i.e. for Category Layout, Product layout and Layout for your home page of your Virtuemart 2.0 site. Please see the below screenshot for ready reference.

VM2 Theme Configuration

If you want then you can also select to the theme to use for any particular page or category or product. In that case you will need to go to the respective Category or Product and assign the desired theme on for that category or product. Rest to site can be chosen to use other theme if you want. This is very unique feature only introduced with Virtuemart 2.0.