Introduction and installation

VP Advanced User is a component which adds multiple social user athentication feature to a Joomla! 3 site. It also come with many unique features like custom fields, email templates, author information in articles etc.

Key Features

  • One click registration + login with Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, Live, Lindedin, Foursquare or any OpenID hosts.
  • Email as Username for Login.
  • Optionally disable username field completely.
  • Customise user registration email, forgot password email, admin notification email etc with email templating feature. Send high quality branded mobile friendly HTML email.
  • Add/edit custom fields to user registration form and profile form. Some of these fields like first name, last name, date of birth etc get auto populated during social authentication.
  • Ajax profile picture field allows user to upload their own profile picture. Display their avatars in login modules, in profile page or as a part of Author Information in articles.
  • Make blog posts more professional by showing (optional) information about the author in core Joomla! articles. You can place it either above or below the article body as your choice.
  • The componenent comes with its own beautifully designed modal login and modal registration module. Customize the look of the buttons from module settings and display it whereever you want.
  • Professional registration form validation with Ajax username and email availability check, live password check as per password strength settings and handy password strength meter.
  • Show social login feature anywhere in your site by adding simple moscode in the layout. Email as username in login accepted through out the site. One click VirtueMart integration.


You can download the latest installation packages from our site's download page for VP Advanced User. If you have an older version of Joomla! or PHP please check the compatibility section to find the version of VP Advanced User compatible with your Joomla! and PHP versions.

All VP Advanced User installation packages contain the component and all of its associated extensions. Installing it will install all of these items automatically. It can also be used to upgrade VP Advanced User; just install it without uninstalling the previous release.


You can uninstall the component just like any other Joomla! component. In your site's back-end, just go to Extensions Manager, click on Uninstall, select VP Advance User Package and click on Uninstall. This will completely remove VP Advance User Package including all plugins, modules and database information.