Scratch2Win - Joomla Audience Targeting

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A smart Joomla System Plugin which allows you to display promotional messages or any other important information to your user without changing your existing site design. You can customize the display with ease. Display a stylish scratch pad if you want to run a coupon promotion inside the message box. It comes with two different display layout - Modal Popup and Slide Box.


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Joomla Plugin
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24 January 2014
  • Works both with or without scratch pad. You can also use the plugin to show different custom messages, newsletter registration form etc.
  • You can publish or disable every individual items separately under the plugin.
  • Set your desired Joomla! User Level who will be able to view this item.
  • Set your desired display limit for the item. Limit per Session or Limit per Day or Limit per Week or Limit per Month.
  • You can show the items on all pages or select few menu items where the item to be displayed.
  • Set your desired display style - Modal Popup or Slide Box.
  • Set the delay in micro seconds after which the item will be displayed against page load.
  • Set the delay in micro seconds after which the item will be closed automatically against page load. Auto Close Time will be reset if the visitor mouse over the item.
  • Include or exclude a Scratch Pad in the item.
  • Customize colors from plugin settings.
  • Increase your reach and improve productivity.
  • Compatible to all Joomla Templates.
  • Limitation: Scratch pad Canvas is not supported by older browsers like IE7, IE8 etc which does not support HTML5.
  • Responsive designed and compatible to computers, tablets and as well as mobile browsers.
Version: 1.0   Released On: 24 January 2014
  • First release.