Essentials for VirtueMart

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VirtueMart Wishlist, Product Comparison and Quick View - All in One. Compatible with all Joomla Templates. Generate and download useful reports from all wishlists and manage your product stock wisely. Easy to customise, fully Ajax-enabled system. It enables users to manage their favourite products easily and compare different products with a click of a button. Auto-placement of buttons in products makes life easy.


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Joomla! Component
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Released On:
29 December 2016
Updated On:
09 February 2024
 J3  J4  J5 VM3 VM4
  • Adds Wishlist Feature to VirtueMart products.
  • Adds Compare Feature to VirtueMart products.
  • Adds Quick View Feature to VirtueMart product listings.
  • Share wishlists and comparison pages with permalinks.
  • Optionally load Font Awesome iconic font library.
  • Includes Add to Compare, Add to Wishlist and Quick View buttons to each products automatically. Automatic button placement is designed considering default VirtueMart layout. If you are using a 3rd party template or overriding VirtueMart layouts then this feature may not properly. In that case you can manually add the buttons to your template layouts. Please refer to the documentation for details user guide.
  • Ajax Add to Wishlist option.
  • Ajax Add to Compare option.
  • Ajax enabled Wishlist module included.
  • Ajax enabled Compare module included.
  • Detailed customisation options for product comparison. You can select exactly what you want to show in product comparison page. Check all available options here.
  • Ability to show selected custom fields in product comparison.
  • Add to cart from Wishlist.
  • Add to cart from Product Comparison Page.
  • Easy to customise layouts.
  • Compatible to all templates.
  • The extension was earlier known as VirtueMart Essentials.

Refer to the Documentation to learn more about the available options.

Version: 2.3   Released On: 09 February 2024
  • Made compatible with Joomla 5. The Backward Compatibility plugin must be turned on.
  • Fixed a few bugs.
Version: 2.2   Released On: 27 July 2023
  • Now support module and page caching.
  • Fixed a few bugs.
Version: 2.1   Released On: 27 January 2023
  • Fixed few bugs.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with PHP 8.1.x.
Version: 2.0   Released On: 14 October 2022
  • Now component is fully compatible with Joomla 4 and VirtueMart 4.
  • Added the ability to share wishlists and comparison pages with permalinks.
  • Updated core and quickview Javascripts and style sheets.
Version: 1.4   Released On: 30 October 2019
  • Fixed compatibility issues with latest VirtueMart 3.6.4.
  • Optimised codes for faster rendering.
Version: 1.3   Released On: 23 October 2019
  • Fixed multilingual site compatibility issue.
  • Fixed a minor compatibility issue with VirtueMart 3.6.2 and above.
Version: 1.2   Released On: 20 September 2019
  • Fixed compatibilty issue with latest VirtueMart 3.6.0.
  • Updated as per the most recent changes in Joomla! 3.9.11.
Version: 1.1   Released On: 28 April 2017
  • Updated as per the most recent changes in Joomla! 3.7.
  • Fixed few other minor bugs.
  • Improved Ajax script for add and remove functions.
Version: 1.0   Released On: 29 December 2016
  • First release.