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Order conversion tracking and thank you page plugin for VirtueMart. One plugin that helps you to track conversations of your Ads from all advertising platforms like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Shopper Approved Customer Survey, Bing Ads etc. Integrate Google Ecommerce Tracking with a click of a button. Customise your Thank You page just the way you want. Optionally show the full order details immediately after order confirmation.


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Joomla! Plugin
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Released On:
30 June 2016
Updated On:
26 October 2023
 J3  J4 VM3 VM4
  • Google Analytics tracking with Google Tag Manager (GTM), gtag.js and also analytics.js.
  • Supports latest GA4 purchase conversion tracking.
  • Google Ecommerce Tracking and Google Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking
  • Track Google AdWords Conversions.
  • Track Facebook Ads Conversions.
  • Track Bing Ads Conversions.
  • Add any type of custom tracking codes or scripts in all pages of your site or only specifically in order confirmation page.
  • Track Conversions of all other platforms using their tracking code snippets.
  • You can easily add order details, such as order total, order currency, customers address etc in the tracking coded snippet if needed.
  • Show Shopper Approved Custom Survey after order confirmation. It passes all required order details to ShopperApproved.com automatically.
  • It comes with a professionally designed and responsive Thank You page.
  • Show Related Products of the ordered products in thank you page.
  • Show Suggested Products i.e. Customers who bought these products also bought these in thank you page.
  • You can easily override and customize the Thank You page layout in your Joomla! template.
  • Optionally show full order by redirect users to the order details page after order confirmation.
  • Optionally redirect users to any custom page/menu item after order confirmation.
  • Compatible with Joomla! 4 and Joomla! 3.

Refer to the Documentation to learn more about the available options.

Version: 3.6   Released On: 26 October 2023
  • Fixed a URL routing bug with Joomla 4.
  • Updated as per the changes in VirtueMart 4.
Version: 3.5   Released On: 25 November 2022
  • Fixed a Joomla 4 compatibility issue.
  • Fixed a VirtueMart 4 compatibility issue.
Version: 3.4   Released On: 09 November 2022
  • Fixed the GA4 Ecommerce Tracking GTM datalayer.
  • Updated option to support old Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking GTM setup in GA4.
Version: 3.3   Released On: 20 July 2022
  • Fixed a Thank You page router bug.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Joomla 4.1.5.
Version: 3.2   Released On: 19 May 2022
  • Fixed a Google Tag Manager conversion tracking snippet for GA4.
  • Fixed few minor bugs.
Version: 3.1   Released On: 11 May 2022
  • Fixed a Live Update bug in Joomla! 4.
  • Fixed few minor bugs.
Version: 3.0   Released On: 21 April 2022
  • Now the plugin is also compatible with Joomla! 4.
  • Now the plugin is also compatibe with VirtueMart 3.8.9 and upcoming VirtueMart 4.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with PHP 8.
  • Fixed many small bugs.
  • Trackers are optimised.
Version: 2.9   Released On: 22 June 2021
  • This is a security release which addresses few security vulnerabilities and contains few bug fixes.
  • Contains general code optimisations.
Version: 2.8   Released On: 22 April 2021
  • Fixed an important compatibility issue with VirtueMart 3.8.8.
  • Updated documentation.
Version: 2.7   Released On: 17 November 2020
  • Added support for Google Analytics 4 (GA4).
  • Updated as per latest VirtueMart 3.8.6.
Version: 2.6   Released On: 19 August 2020
  • Fixed an important compatibility issue with VirtueMart 3.8.0 and above.
  • Optimised scripts.
Version: 2.5   Released On: 30 October 2019
  • Fixed compatibility issues with latest VirtueMart 3.6.4.
  • Added product image tags as custom conversion tracking variables.
Version: 2.4   Released On: 21 October 2019
  • Fixed multilingual site compatibility issue.
  • Fixed a minor compatibility issue with VirtueMart 3.6.2 and above.
Version: 2.3   Released On: 24 June 2019
  • Now passes product SKU to Google Analytics Ecommerce reports.
  • Improved compatibility with 3rd party payment plugins.
Version: 2.2   Released On: 23 June 2019
  • Fixed gtag.js Ecommerce Conversion Tracking issue.
  • Fixed gtag.js Adwords Conversion Tracking issue.
Version: 2.1   Released On: 21 June 2019
  • Fixed a bug in version 2.0 release which generated an error in JSON, RAW and Feed views.
  • Fixed a small compatility issue with Joomla 3.9.8.
Version: 2.0   Released On: 20 June 2019
  • Added gtag.js and Google Tag Manager (GTM) support in Google Ecommerce Tracking.
  • Added Google Adwords Conversion Tracking quick setup with gtag.js and Google Tag Manager (GTM).
  • Added Facebook Conversion Tracking (Pixel) quick setup.
  • Now you can also add any kind of tracking codes to all pages by adding those snippets in new "Custom Global Tracking Codes" tab.
  • Fixed few important compatibilty issues with VirtueMart 3.4.5 and above.
Version: 1.7   Released On: 19 April 2017
  • Fixed backward compatibility issue with older versions of VirtueMart.
  • Improved thank you page rendering.
Version: 1.6   Released On: 20 March 2017
  • Codes updated as per latest VirtueMart 3.2.
  • Copyright year updated.
Version: 1.5   Released On: 05 August 2016
  • Fixed thank you page display issue in multilingual site.
  • Codes updated as per latest Joomla! 3.6.2.
Version: 1.4   Released On: 31 July 2016
  • Added functions for date format and ISO code display in custom tracking code snippets.
  • Improved order object structure.
Version: 1.3   Released On: 28 July 2016
  • Added new order variable tags - order_salesPrice_after_couponDiscount and order_subtotal_after_couponDiscount.
  • Added functions for math operations and to round the numbers in custom tracking code snippets.
Version: 1.2   Released On: 03 July 2016
  • Added product variable tags in order information list.
  • Includes few other small improvements.
Version: 1.1   Released On: 02 July 2016
  • Added easy configuration options for Google Ecommerce Tracking and Google Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking.
  • Added location option for Shopper Approved - Customer Satisfaction Survey.
Version: 1.0   Released On: 30 June 2016
  • First release.