VP Email Manager

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Advanced email manager for VirtueMart. Edit and customise the email templates using your favourite Joomla! Editor and preview them on the go. You can also set separate email templates for selected products, categories, manufacturers, vendors, shopper groups, users, countries, order statuses etc. All emails sent are saved in the outbox and can be viewed at any point of time.


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Released On:
20 January 2021
Updated On:
29 September 2021
 J3 VM3
  • Email Manager and Email Editor for VirtueMart 3.6.0 and above.
  • Compatible to Joomla! 3.8.0 and above.
  • Edit and customise all VirtueMart emails using your favourite Joomla! Editor.
  • Preview email templates on the go.
  • If needed, you can set separate email templates as per selected products, categories, manufacturers, vendors, shopper groups, users, order statuses etc.
  • Beautifully crafted and modern email templates are already included. You can easily customise existing templates to fine tune the designs as per your need.
  • Email sent by the system are stored in the Outbox. All sent emails can be viewed and reviewed at any point of time.
  • VP Email Manager manages the following types of emails:
    1. User - Order confirmation
    2. User - Order Status Change
    3. User - Registration
    4. User - Product Back In Stock
    5. User - Product Recommendation
    6. Admin - Order Confirmation
    7. Admin - Order Status Change
    8. Admin - Registration
    9. Admin - Ask a Question about Product
  • From VirtueMart 3.8.0 onwards user registration emails with activation are not sent through email templating system.
  • Supports Multilingual Sites
  • No hacks or manual installation needed. Easy and quick setup. Just install the package through your Joomla! Extension Installer and you are ready to go.
  • Refer to the documentation to get a clear view about all the features.
  • Live Joomla! Admin Demo - Click Here. Username: demo, Password: demo
Version: 1.2   Released On: 29 September 2021
  • Fixed bugs introduced in version 1.1.
  • Includes few small improvements.
Version: 1.1   Released On: 28 September 2021
  • Fixed special character encoding issue.
  • Fixed bugs sending emails in multilingual sites.
  • Added ability add custom attachments in the emails within event settings.
  • Added option to show product images in order emails.
  • Added new order variable tags.
  • Now the extension is also compatible with VMuikit.
  • Updated as per Joomla 3.10.2.
  • Updated as per VirtueMart 3.8.9.
Version: 1.0   Released On: 20 January 2021
  • First release.