Important Update: VP One Page Checkout Plugin 2.4 for VirtueMart 2.6.8

Sat Aug 16, 2014 4:35 pm
We are glad to inform you that VP One Page Checkout plugin - Version 2.4 has been released today.

This version was mainly released due to certain changes made by VirtueMart in their latest version 2.6.8 which was released yesterday. Therefore if you are planning to update VirtueMart then it is very important that you update the plugin first in your site.

We have also introduced few new features in this version to add more flexibility.
  1. Now if you want you can show cart discount, cart tax, selected payment method, selected shipment method and cart total rows etc in the initial user registration / sign in screen. For that you just need to enable the option called "Show Cart Totals in Sign-in Page" in the plugin settings.
  2. Now you can disable live username, email and password strength validation of the plugin if needed. For that you just need to enable the option called "Disable Live Username, Email, Password strength validation" in the plugin settings.
  3. We have added a new text field in the plugin settings where you can enter the system messages which you do not want to display in your checkout page. This field is located under the Advanced Options as "Hide Custom System Messages". You can add multiple messages separated by comma.


If you can not update the plugin due to any reason then there is quick fix which you can apply in your site which will fix the major problem that can occur due to VirtueMart 2.6.8 update. For the please follow the below steps.

Open plugins\system\vponepagecheckout\cart\cartview.html.php

Find the following codes near line 1280:
	private function prepareContinueLink()
Replace the above codes by:
	public function prepareContinueLink()

However please remember this just a quick fix which will only take care of the major issue. We still recommend all existing users to update the plugin to version 2.4 to avoid any future problem.
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