Scheduled Server Upgrade Notice

Fri Jul 3, 2015 5:07 pm
This Sunday, July 5 we’ll be migrating VirtuePlanet to new production web and database servers.

Periodically we upgrade the server hardware that the VirtuePlanet site runs on to provide better capabilities to our users and increase capacity.

What This Means For You:

Well, first of all once the upgrade is complete you will experience even faster, more reliable downloads than ever before. However, there are going to be some limited VirtuePlanet services during the move as well as a short period of downtime while everything is redirected to the new location.

Why This:

VirtuePlanet is going to have a full makeover very soon. A site which is faster, sleeker and more user friendly. But before we can migrate to this newly designed site we need proper infrastructure setup. So this server migration. After this we will be all set for full site migration which will our next big step forward.

We Expect:

Around 10-15 minutes of downtime where all VirtuePlanet services, including buy buttons and product support, will be unavailable.

We’re sorry about the downtime, but it’s required to migrate the VirtuePlant products and purchase database without transactions getting lost in between.

During this period you will not be able to purchase subscription and post in our support forum. Once your computer’s DNS records update to point to the new server you’ll be able to access then again and VirtuePlanet will be back to normal. This time frame is wholly dependent on your ISP’s DNS update policies and we expect the majority of our vendors to fall in the 5-60 minutes area before full services are restored.

So to recap - We’re upgrading! We’ll have a few minutes of downtime on Sunday, followed by a couple hours weirdness on the admin side of VirtuePlanet, but you will be able to download products. Then, everything will be more awesome!

And as always, thanks for using VirtuePlanet!
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