How to Install VirtueMart 2.0 Themes?

Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:19 pm
In this tutorial we'll explain you, how to install a theme in your Virtuemart 2.0 installation.

1. Unpack the full theme package (eg. package on your local PC first using WINZIP or WINRAR Archive Software. You should now see some directories like:


2. The directory structure in those directories is the same as VirtueMart Component in your Joomla site.

3. Now open up an FTP Connection to your site and upload the directories to your Joomla! site.



Do not worry. This action will not overwrite your the existing files and folders in your site. It will simply upload the new files and folders of the new theme in relevant location.

4. Now go to your VirtueMart Configuration page.

5. Then go to the Templates tab.

6. Now you can select the installed theme (eg. vp-eden, vento) for the relevant pages (eg. Category Layout, Product layout and Layout for your home page) of your Virtuemart 2.0 site. Please see the below screenshot for ready reference.

7. If you want then you can also select to the theme to use for any particular page or category or product. In that case you will need to go to the respective Category or Product and assign the desired theme on for that category or product. Rest to site can be chosen to use other theme if you want. This is very unique feature only introduced with Virtuemart 2.0.

That is it. The theme is now installed and configured for your site.
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