Fri Dec 4, 2015 11:28 am
I am working on an update to an older J2.5/VM2.5 site that I maintain for a friend. I decided I wanted to get away from the stock VM look so I started looking at templates. I had a good Joomla 3 template that I have paid for a developer's license for and was planning to just add a Virtuemart Template with it. After doing a lot of reading and not finding any VM templates I like, I started looking at a combined template. I narrowed it down to 3, VP Merchant and two others. I worked through demos, placed demo orders, checked everything out and kept coming back to VP Merchant. I finally made the commitment and paid for a single use subscription just for the template.

Got it installed very easily and right out of the box, it was a HUGE improvement! I was not sure my "client" woudl like it, though, since the old template had some red to it. I went ahead anyway since he trusts what I do and got it all configured. Showed it to my "client" and he was absolutely thrilled! I decided I wanted to add VP Once Page Check Out and since they don't offer an upgrade (boo!) I decided that these guys have it together and I want to be able to access other extensions and templates as they come out so I went ahead and paid for a 1 year full subscription! Yes, that is right, I like their work so much I paid $150 for the two!

I have had a couple of things I wanted to do differently than the template was designed for and a couple of things I did not understand. I have posted a number of questions in the support forum and have been blown away at how quickly Jumbo replies. His information is spot on and he is VERY professional. He has provided code snippets for me to use to replace portions on the template code to get things to show like I want and has been on the ball with his replies! THANK YOU!

I would not hesitate to use anything from VP Planet in the future. They are now my favorite template provider and I have been loyal to my last one for the past 8 years!

Good work all involved!
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Mon Dec 7, 2015 10:00 am
Thank you so much.
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