VP Smart User Guide

The following documentation explains the installation and configuration steps of VP Smart Joomla Template.


In the download section of VP Smart you will find two ZIP packages:

  1. Template Package
  2. Quick Start Package

Template Package

This is a standard Joomla Package which includes the following items

  1. VP Smart Template
  2. VirtuePlanet Framework Plugin
  3. VP Ajax Product Search Module
  4. VP Compare Module
  5. VP Custom Filter Module
  6. VP Mini Cart Module
  7. VP Wishlist Module
  8. VP Manufacturer Carousel Module
  9. VP Product Carousel Module
  10. VP Product List Module
  11. VP Responsive Slider Module
Upload and Install

You can install the zipped package as it is, through Joomla Extension Installer and which will install all the above 11 items together in your site making your life little easier. After the installation you can find the package as VP Smart Template - Package in Joomla! Extension Manager.

Log in to your site's administrator section. Click on Extensions, Manage link on the top menu. Click on the Upload Package File tab. Locate the Browse button next to the Extension package file field. Locate the installation ZIP file you had previously downloaded and select it. Back to the page, click on the Upload & Install button. After a short while, Joomla! will tell you that the package has been installed.

VP Smart Template - Package is a big extension (over 3Mb). Some servers do not allow you to upload files that big. If this is the case you can try the Manual installation or increase upload_max_filesize to at least 4MB.

Manual installation

Sometimes Joomla! is unable to properly extract ZIP archives due to technical limitations on your server. In this case, you can follow a manual installation procedure.

Before doing anything else, you have to extract the installation ZIP file in a subdirectory named akeeba on your local PC. Then, upload the entire subdirectory inside your site's temporary directory. At this point, there should be a subdirectory named virtueplanet inside your site's temporary directory which contains all of the ZIP package's files.

If you are unsure where your site's temporary directory is located, you can look it up by going to the Global Configuration, click on the Server tab and take a look at the Path to Temp-folder setting. The default setting is the tmp directory under your site's root. Rarely, especially on automated installations using Fantastico, this might have been assigned the system-wide /tmp directory. In this case, please consult your host for instructions on how to upload files inside this directory, or about changing your Joomla! temporary directory back to the default location and making it writable.

Assuming that you are past this uploading step, click on Extensions, Manage link on the top menu. Click on the Install from Directory tab. Locate the Install Directory edit box. It is already filled in with the absolute path to your temporary directory, for example /var/www/joomla/tmp. Please append /virtueplanet to it. In our example, it should look something like /var/www/joomla/tmp/virtueplanet. Then, click on the Install button.


After the installation you can find the package as VP Smart Template - Package in Joomla! Extension Manager. In case you need to uninstall the template, you need to select this package in Extension Manager and hit uninstall button. This will uninstall all the above 11 items including the template and VirtueMart Framework at one go.

Quick Start Package

This is the Quick Start package of the template and installing this will give you an exact clone of the demo site.

How to Install Quick Start Package?

A Quick Start package is a complete Joomla Installation package which includes Joomla, VirtueMart and all Demo contents. You do not need to install Joomla separately for this. The installation process of a quick start package is exactly same as standard Joomla! Installation process as you can see here: docs.joomla.org/J3.x:Installing_Joomla

During the installation process Joomla will provide you an option to Install Sample Data. You need to select Quick Start Sample Data so that the demo data provided in the package gets installed.

Quick Start Package Installation Process:

  1. Download the quick start package from the download section of our site.
  2. Upload this zipped file to the public_html of your site i.e the root folder of your site using FTP or file manager in your hosting account cPanel.
  3. Extract this zip file using the extract button in your root folder.
  4. Go to phpMyAdmin in cPanel and create a database taking note of the username, password and name of the database.
  5. Open your favourite browser type your domain and the normal Joomla installation process will start. Follow all the steps and when you come to the database site fill in the database details you created in step
  6. Remember to install sample data because then only the demo contents will get installed in your site.


VP Smart template is designed based on VirtuePlanet Framework (also known as VP Framework). For the template configuration options please refer to the detailed user guides of "VirtuePlanet Framework" and "VP Framework - Extended" available in the documentation section.

You can find the list of all available Module Positions of the template here

You can find the Module Display Options with live demonstartion here

Also see Available Icons and List with Icons.