How to create Facebook App

Registering Application

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Add a New App button.
  3. Click on Website button in the popup message box.
  4. In the next screen give a name to your App and click on Create New App ID button.
  5. Now provide Contact Email and select a Category for your website from the drop down list.
  6. Click on Create App ID button.
  7. When your App is created, scroll down and provide your Site URL and click on Next button.
  8. Now select your newly create App from the My Apps drop down list which you can find at the top right corner in the page.
  9. Click on Add Product menu link in the next screen.
  10. Now click on Facebook Login.
  11. Add Valid OAuth redirect URIs which you can find in VP Advanced User Configuration for Facebook as Valid Redirect URIs. Add all the links one by one followed and hit enter.
  12. Click on Save Changes button.
  13. In the next screen you will find the App ID and App Secret which you need to copy to the App ID and App Secret fields in VP Advanced User Configuration.
  14. Enable Facebook in VP Advanced User Configuration and save changes.
  15. Go back to Facebook App page from where you copied the App ID and App Secret. Now go to App Review menu item which you can find at left side.
  16. In the next screen enable the option called Make Your App Public. If you do not make your App public it will only run on Development mode and will be only available to you.

Video Tutorial